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Sleepaway Camp..you won't be coming home!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sleepaway Camp..you won't be coming home!

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[02 Mar 2006|05:05pm]

I need some help!
I really, really, really want an mp3 of Frankie Vinci's "You're just what I've been looking for" (you know, the song that plays during the credits).
I can't find it on limewire. Its driving me insane.
Could someone maybe send it to me?
Or direct me to where I can find it?

Got it!
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[08 Feb 2006|06:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, what are your favourite quote(s) from Sleepaway Camp? Or Unhappy Campers or Teenage Wasteland.

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[21 Aug 2005|08:59am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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:: Shaun of the Dead :: [31 Jul 2004|12:30pm]


Comes out in the US on Sept. 24th...

Who's going to see it?

Click below to go to the official fan site (You can win cool prizes):

[URL=http://www.shaunsquad.com/shaunsquad/?u=80s_Slasher]Shaun of the Dead Official Fan Site[/URL]

- Austin -

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[27 Apr 2004|09:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Since no one has posted this yet i'll post pictures of CKY on the Return to Sleepaway Camp set.


if that didn't work let me know.

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[12 Feb 2004|11:33am]


go there to send a letter to your congressman and senators regarding the upcoming marriage amendment and let them know how ridiculous and wrong this discrimination is.

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Unhappy Camper!!! [31 Jan 2004|12:35pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

First off I just gotta say that I like all three Sleepaway films equally. But I'm not looking forward to Return to Sleepaway Camp...IMO this movie will suck. First of all it's totally ripping fans off by ignoring the 2nd and 3rd films (Hmmm...is Robert Hiltzik a little jealous?) and being a direct sequel to the original. I'll probablly see it when it comes out (Hell maybe Mr. Hiltzik will prove me wrong and I might even like it), but right now I'm extremely optimistic. I just had to get that off my chest...

- Austin -

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Sleepaway camp cast in NJ [11 Jan 2004|03:11pm]

Hey all Sleepaway Camp fans. Yesterday I went to the fangoria horror convention in NJ. They showed the premiere of the preview. Very cool, very cool. Felissa Rose(angela) and all answered a quick Q&A. But every question was answered very evasively. All in all the preview looked pretty good , they mostly showed scenes of the kids in the film. A few scenes with Issac Hayes of south park fame and Big Pussy of sopranos fame. I didn't see any CKY though in the preview. The song used in the trailer was AWESOME. When someone asked who it was Felissa Rose gave a big shout to CKY but then said she was kidding and they weren't allowed to say who sang the song. All in all Sleepaway camp will be coming out very soon!!!!!!! And if you get a chance try and catch the trailer!
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[01 Dec 2003|09:06pm]

I first heard about the Sleepaway Camp movies through Deron Miller of the band CKY. He is completely obsessed with the series and highly recommended it. My friend and I looked it up online to get a better idea of what it was about. By chance, we found it in the local blockbuster. We thought the cheese factor was great, but didn't see the big deal until the ending. We were shocked to say the least. Since then we have seen part 2 and continue to look for part 3. Definately looking forward to the one they are making now since CKY will have a cameo in it and I believe they will have a song on the soundtrack but don't quote me on that. :)
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Whooo [06 Nov 2003|11:28pm]

Hey Gang! The Sleepaway Camps are kickass, cant wait for the new one. Hopefully it will be good!
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meet me tonight, at the social [11 Mar 2003|10:18pm]

Hey guys, i'm a long time Sleepaway Camp fan so when i found out about this community i absolutely couldnt resist joining. I'd love to know what Pamela Springsteen's doing nowadays, too bad they didnt get her for the dvd commentary of 2 and 3.
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[26 Feb 2003|08:09pm]

Wait a second.. I know this might be a really dumb question, but.. is there a sleep away camp 4?
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Hm. [26 Feb 2003|08:04pm]

[ mood | content ]

I'm very surprised there aren't more members. This is a great movie! Pamela Springsteen (sp?) was VERY good at acting out her part in the movie.

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Welcome [26 Dec 2002|05:31pm]


This is the first post on this community, obviously. I'm the moderator or whatever and I started this community because I love Sleepaway Camp and all it entails. To start off with, I figured everyone that joins should post a little story about how they find out about this movie, where they saw it, first impressions, etc. Just give a little story about how you got involved with it. Here's mine:

I first learned about Sleepaway Camp about five years ago..perhaps more, I really don't remember. I would visit websites devoted to bad movies and various other horror movie sites and I kept hearing about Sleepaway Camp. Not only did I keep reading about it, but everyone kept raving about the twist ending and the effects. So, I was interested. I had to see this movie. By chance, I remembered to look for it in Blockbuster one time (I have a VERY bad memory) and low and behold, there she was. I immediately rented it and rushed home, only to watch what I considered the most amazing film I had ever laid eyes on. Everything about it grabbed me: the whole backstory between Ricky and Angela, the camp counselors, the death of Angela's father, and of course, the ending. It didn't feel like a typical slasher film...it was much more than that. Granted, the acting left a lot to be desired, but that added to the allure. I had a friend that worked at that Blockbuster, and I made him steal the movie for me, as it was the only way I knew I could own a copy. I watched it repeatedly, never losing interest. Then, I found online websites and discussion groups for it and learned more about sequels and all that jazz. Basically, I was hooked to the world of Sleepaway Camp.

Now it's your turn!!!!! JOIN AND POST!!!!! Later.

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